May Institute: Computation and statistics for mass spectrometry and proteomics

April 27 – May 8, 2020, Northeastern University, Boston MA
Organizers : Meena Choi and Olga Vitek


Registration fees for 2.5 days programs

For academic participants :

For industry participants:

$300 for 1 course ($300/course) $800 for 1 course ($800/course)
$400 for 2 courses ($200/course) $1,300 for 2 courses ($650/course)
$510 for 3 courses ($170/course) $1,650 for 3 courses ($550/course)
$600 for 4 courses ($150/course) $2,000 for 4 courses ($500/course)

Registration fees for 0.5 day workshops

For academic participants :

For industry participants:

$50 $150

Registration fees for the 2-day Future developers meeting

Applicants for poster/oral presentation should submit the abstract when applying for the program, using the same application link.

For academic participants :

For industry participants:

$0 for poster/oral presenters $200 for poster/oral presenters
$200 for non-presenters $500 for non-presenters

Participants can choose any subset of courses, provided that they have sufficient prerequisites. It is not possible to simultaneously register for two courses conducted at the same time.

A limited number of registration fee waivers and travel fellowships for students and postdocs affiliated with US academic and nonprofit institutions will be available. We expect to reimburse the registration for up to two courses or workshop. We also expect to partly reimburse travel expenses after the conclusion of the event. The exact amount of fee waivers and travel fellowships will depend on the number of qualified applicants and will be announced together with the decision of acceptance. To submit a fee waiver and travel fellowship application, please email the following documents to

(1) a copy of your institutional ID
(2) one letter of recommendation

Registration includes course materials, refreshments, and a course dinner. Participants should organize their own travel, lodging and meals.


Key dates

January 31, 2020 : application deadline

Most programs are filled by the deadline. After the deadline we will continue to consider applications for programs where openings remain. For inquires, please email


Applicants for registration fee waivers and travel fellowships should email two documents (a copy of your institutional ID and one letter of recommendation) to by January 31, 2020.

No payment is needed at this time. You will be asked to submit a form describing your background and reasons for participating in the program. Selected applicants will be invited to pay at a later stage. Approximately 60% of applicants were accepted in the past.

February 12, 2020 : acceptance decision

The decision was more difficult than usual, due to a high number of outstanding applicants. The emails are being sent by February 12. Our apologies for the delay.

** We sent the acceptance letters. If you haven’t received yet, please check spam folder and email**

Acceptance decision for 2.5 days programs and 0.5 day workshop, abstract acceptance decision for 2-day future developers meeting (Poster or Oral presentation), and information about registration fee wavers and travel fellowships sent.

March 3, 2020 : RSVP deadline

** We sent the reminder for RSVP. If you haven’t received any email from May Institute or Meena Choi and haven’t confirmed your participation, please confirm your participation by RSVP in email

March 17, 2020 : payment deadline

Payment deadline. Payment is accepted by credit card only, with no refunds.


May 26, 2020

Deadline for submitting travel expenses for reimbursement.

Contact: May institute organizers