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May Institute continues IN PERSON!
Computation and statistics for mass spectrometry and proteomics

April 29 – May 10, 2024, Northeastern University, Boston MA in person

Organizer: Olga Vitek

Sponsor: Barnett Institute for Chemical and Biological Analysis, Northeastern University


The May Institute focuses on computational and statistical aspects of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics. The course combines keynote presentations, introductory lectures, practical training, and informal personal discussions. The 2024 instance of the Institute is returning in person!


Instructors of the course are leading experts, who contributed numerous experimental and computational methods and software. The target audience are both beginners and experienced scientists, who would like to strengthen their computational and statistical expertise. We also welcome computer scientists, bioinformaticians, data scientists, statisticians and engineers interested in learning about working with data from modern biotechnologies. The participants will have many opportunities to ask questions, and will be able to present their research.




Program Overview

April 29, 9:00am-May 1, 12:30pm  Quantitative proteomics with Skyline

Lead instructors: Tina Ludwig, Brendan MacLean and Lindsay Pino

2.5 days Docs
May 1, 1:30pm – May 3, 5:00pm Beginners R and beginners statistics

Lead instructor: Ryan Benz

2.5 days Docs
May 1, 1:30pm – May 3, 5:00pm Intermediate R, data visualization and statistics

Lead instructor: Kylie Bemis

2.5 days Docs
May 6, 9am – May 8, 1:30pm Statistics for quantitative mass spectrometry: methods and case studies

Lead instructors: Olga Vitek and Devon Kohler

2.5 days Docs
May 6, 9:00am – May 6, 5:00pm Analysis of mass spectrometry images with Cardinal

Lead instructor: Kylie Bemis

1 day Docs
May 7, 9:00am – May 7, 5:00pm Modern software development practice with Python

Lead instructor: Charles Tapley Hoyt

1 day Docs
May 8, 9:00am – May 8, 12:30pm Scientific writing

Lead instructor: Alicia Williams

0.5 day Docs
May 8, 12:30pm – May 10, 5pm Interpretation of proteomic experiments in the context of biomolecular networks with INDRA

Lead instructor: Ben Gyori

2.5 days Docs
May 10, 10:00am – May 10, 6:00pm Barnett Institute 50th Anniversary and Karger Medal Celebration

Featured speakers: Jenny Van Eyk and Nikolai Slavov

1 day
(no cost)
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Videos of some of the previous May Institute programs can be found at this YouTube channel

Featured Speakers